Speaking at Surrogacy Australia’s Surrogacy Seminar Series

On Thursday 8 August 2013, I was invited to be part of a panel of speakers speaking at Surrogacy Australia’s seminar in Sydney, at the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts. The seminar was chaired and moderated by Sam Everingham, who is the founder of Surrogacy Australia.
I was more than happy to go along to share about what I know about the surrogacy process. I was certainly surprised to see many people in attendance. It was certainly an eye-opening event to see so many people wanting to grow their family, together in one lecture hall.

I heard from successful parents, surrogates, an IVF provider (Professior Illingworth from IVF Australia), and even a consultant from Canada, Lorraine Brown. I certainly learned a lot while I was there. When it was my turn to speak I spoke mostly about the process of surrogacy within New South Wales, how long it would take, and how much it might cost – but more than anything I stressed that the most important part of the process is faith and trust – it certainly goes a long way if you can have faith and you can trust in your doctors, your counsellors, your legal advisors, and perhaps most importantly – your surrogate.

It was certainly a great night and I would love to be invited back again to speak on this.