Surrogate Mothers and Partners


Independent Legal Advice is a requirement

The goal of every surrogacy arrangement is to have a successful and healthy birth and to obtain a parentage order from the court.

One of the many requirements to achieve this is for the surrogate mother (and the surrogate mother’s partner) to both receive independent legal advice from a lawyer before they enter into the surrogacy arrangement. This is where we can help, and that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

Fixed Fees

Worried about the cost of independent legal advice? Worry no more with our fixed-fee pricing structure. Budgeting and certainty has never been easier. Your peace of mind guaranteed.

Hassle Free

As experienced surrogacy lawyers, we work closely with doctors, fertility clinics, counsellors, other surrogacy lawyers, and the courts. We know what needs to be done. That’s what we do!


Our video conferencing infrastructure means we can help surrogate parents anywhere in Australia. Easy and convenient. Connect through your phone, tablet or computer from wherever you are.

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